Get Advice Regarding Your Child's Behavior!


We have a variety of evaluations available and the appropriate one will be determined in our initial call.  An evaluation will help us determine the nature or what is causing your child’s difficulties, as well as what social-emotional/behavioral interventions or academic accommodations your child needs and determine the best course of action.  This evaluation consists of a variety of instruments that are administered to your child and a variety of rating scales that are completed by the parents, teacher, tutor or anyone else that you may want to provide valuable information about your child and usually lasts four to six hours, depending on the types of difficulties that your child is experiencing.

This evaluation will identify the nature of your child’s difficulties, whether they are cognitive, developmental, academic, or social-emotional.  It will provide a framework that will help all individuals that work with or interact with the child understand how the child learns and responds best. Also, a psychological evaluation identifies what steps need to be taken to structure the child’s setting to ensure their optimal functioning and success in all areas of their life!

Once this evaluation is complete, I prepare a comprehensive written report that describes in detail the history of the problem, an explanation of the test results and what they mean, and include comprehensive recommendations that will provide parents, teachers, and other professionals with guidance to address the child’s difficulties in in a holistic and effective manner._I will schedule an appointment with you to discuss and explain all of the results and provide you with a copy of this written report within 2-3 weeks after completion of the testing.


Consultation services including short-term interventions (4 sessions maximum)  to identify reasons for a child’s recent change in behavior that may present as:

  • School refusal
  • School placement decisions
  • Adjustment to recent environmental changes/stressors

International Services

Dr. Del Rio-Roberts is an expert consultant for Univision’s Despierta America, with numerous appearances as well as for other television and print outlets including The Sun-Sentinel and other print media. Comprehensive psychological evaluations can be conducted with individuals of diverse backgrounds and can be completed in Spanish as Dr. Del Rio-Roberts is fluent in Spanish and has extensive experience conducting evaluations with Spanish-dominant speakers from Latin America and the Caribbean. Comprehensive reports will be written in Spanish and will include thorough explanation of the results and recommendations.

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